Matrixrent OÜ prices:

September- May

- 3-7 days 99 € /day
- 8-14 days 89 € /day
- 15+ days ask for price!

June - August

- 5-7 days 145 € /day
- 8-14 days 135 € /day
- 15+ days ask for price!



We offer for rent 2012 Adria Matrix caravan. Our rental vehicle is clean, well maintained and technically in good condition. All prices shown include insurance.

The renter is obliged to take good care of the rented vehicle. Use of the rental vehicle for illegal purposes, towing, driving, training, etc. is prohibited. The use of the Hired Vehicle outside the designated roads is prohibited.

The hirer undertakes to drive the vehicle personally and not to give the vehicle to a third party for use without the written authorisation of the lessor, as stated in the contract.

The Lessor shall not be liable, directly or indirectly, for any loss or damage which may result from the breakdown of the camper and, in the event of the trip being interrupted or delayed as a result of the foregoing, the Lessor shall not provide a replacement vehicle. SMOKING IS PROHIBITED IN THE MOTORHOME. Pets are not allowed in the car without prior agreement. The Rental Firm reserves the right to withhold the above amounts from the deposit.


Gross vehicle weight 3500 kg, unladen weight 3005 kg, load capacity 495 kg, permissible weight of trailer with brakes 2000 kg, permissible weight of trailer without brakes 750 kg, permissible load on coupling 80 kg.


NB! Length 7,37 m, width 2,29 m, height 2,83 m.


In high season the minimum rental period is 3 days, shorter rental period is only possible if a car is available.

You can book a caravan at or by calling us on +372 53 490 346. The booking will take effect within 24 hours after the booking fee has been credited to our account.

Documents / Contract

The Renter is required to present a valid driving licence and a valid identity document (ID card or passport) before the actual pick up of the vehicle. We also ask you to provide copies of all photocopies of any additional documents (driving licence and ID card or passport). We will allow a driver with at least a category B driving licence, who is at least 24 years old and who has been driving for at least 3 years. The same conditions apply to the other driver. The hirer must agree to the terms of the contract, use the vehicle in accordance with those terms and conditions and confirm this by signing the rental contract. In the case of a legal entity, the contract for the use of the vehicle shall be concluded by the member of the management board or a person authorised by him/her, who shall submit to the rental company the documents proving his/her authorisation (power of attorney, letter of guarantee, copy of the B-card of the commercial register). It is forbidden to drive a motorhome outside the European Union without prior agreement.


The booking fee is 200 €. The booking fee is non-refundable and will be included in the rental fee. The total deposit for the coach is €500, of which €200 is payable at the time of booking and €300 before the caravan is collected. The deposit will be refunded to the hirer on termination of the contract and in the absence of any claims, unless hidden damage to the caravan has been discovered and no claims have been received from third parties for possible infringements (accident, traffic cameras) and damage caused. The rental prices include comprehensive insurance and compulsory motor insurance. The price is valid for 24 hours from the date of rental. Rental starts at 12.00 and return at 15.00, unless otherwise agreed. Both the rental fee and the coach deposit are normally payable immediately before the start of the rental period. Subsequent settlements will be made after the vehicle has been returned to the Lessor. Payment can be made in cash or by bank transfer.

Delivery of the vehicle

The delivery of the vehicle takes approximately 0.5 hours, which includes a comprehensive instruction on the use of the vehicle. We will hand over the caravan with a full tank of fuel, a full tank of clean water, an empty waste water tank and one gas cylinder (11kg).

Rental period, driving the camper

The minimum rental period for a motorhome is (3 days). If the motorhome is returned more than 3 hours later than the pre-arranged time, a one-day charge may be added to the total amount. We kindly ask you to inform the rental company in good time of any possible changes to the time and/or place of return of the coach. The client is not allowed to travel outside the European Union in the hired coach. Be sure to inform the rental company of the planned itinerary.


The excess is EUR 600 per insured event. If the person driving the vehicle at the time of the insured event was under 24 years of age, a deductible of twice the insured amount will be applied each time. Wheels and tyres are not insured, the Renter bears full material liability for both tyres and wheels. In the event of loss or theft of the motorhome, the Renter is obliged to provide the keys and the vehicle registration certificate. In the event of a road accident, breakage or theft, be sure to report it to the police. Written proof of insurance must be taken from the police. The rental company must be contacted immediately (information: 24h +372 53 490 346). Kasko Damage assessment is organised by telephone (622 4599).

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